About the Conference

About the Conference

I.      Description:

High Scope Program Conference on Asia-Pacific Science Education is established to meet a need for a sharing platform when an unprecedented research program, titled “High Scope,” ends up this year. In 2006, National Science Council (NSC) launched “High Scope," with a view to changing the landscape and practice of high schools’ science education in Taiwan. In the past years, the devoted teachers involved from 27 different high schools have presented quite fruitful outcomes. A regional conference is organized so as to gather high school science teachers, showcasing High Scope achievements as well as promoting collaborations and exchanges among schools.

II.         Hosted by:

National Science Council
Department of Education, Taipei City Government

III.     Co-hosted by

Promotion office for High Scope Program (China University of Technology)
Taipei Municipal Lishan High School

IV.     Time:

March 28th to 29th, 2011

V.         Venue:

Liberty Square Conference Center (2F, 399 Ruiguang Road, Neihu District, Taipei)


VI.     30-minute presentation based on the following sub-themes on Inquiry-based learning of science education:

A.   Course Development of Inquiry-based Learning

B.   Innovative Teaching of Inquiry-based Learning

C.   Assessment of Inquiry-based Learning

VIII. Attendants:

(i) Paper presenters: 2 representatives from each invited school

1. 8 high schools from overseas

2. 7 high schools in Taiwan

(ii) Scholars

1. 1 keynote speaker

2. 6 moderators

(iii) Participants:

1. 2 representatives from each of the High Scope Program participating schools.

2. Professors & researchers from universities and colleges in Taiwan

3. Teachers from high schools and vocational high schools in Taiwan

VII.  Contact:

Taipei Municipal Lishan High School

Address: 100, Sec.2 Huanshan Rd. Neihu, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.  Tel: +886-2 -26570435 ext.800
Fax: +886-2 -26272025
Contact email: asia2011@lssh.tp.edu.tw