Implementation Plan

High Scope Program Conference on Asia-Pacific Science Education   


Implementation Plan


I.       Source: "Science Education Policy " of the National Science Council

II.    AIMS:The High Scope Program Conference on Asia Pacific Science Education provides a sharing platform when an unprecedented research program, entitled “High Scope,” came to an end after four years of implementation. In 2006, National Science Council (NSC) launched the “High Scope Program" with a view to changing the landscape and practice of science education in high schools in Taiwan. In the past years, the devotion of  participating teachers from 27 different schools has produced fruitful results. A regional conference is organized so as to gather high school science teachers, showcase program achievements as well as promote collaborations and exchanges among participating schools.

III.       Sponsors:      National Science Council
                           Department of Education, Taipei City Government

IV.       Organizers:   High Scope Program Office (China University of Technology)
                           Taipei Municipal Lishan High School

V.          Time          March 25th to 31st,2011

VI.       Venue:            Liberty Square Conference Center (2F, 399 Ruiguang Road, Neihu District, Taipei)

VII.    Attendance: 120

(i) Paper presentation: 2 representatives for each invited school (30 representatives in total)

1. 8 high schools from overseas

2. 7 high schools in Taiwan

(ii) Scholars

1. 1 keynote speaker

2. 7 theme moderators

(iii) Participants: 80 in total

1. 2 representatives from each of the High Scope participating schools (including schools whose Program was previously due)

2. Universities and colleges in Taiwan

3. High schools and vocational high schools in Taiwan 

VIII.   30-minute presentation based on the following sub-themes on inquiry-based learning on science education:

A.      Curriculum development for inquiry-based learning

B.      Innovative teaching for inquiry-based learning

C.      Teaching assessment for inquiry-based learning

IX.  Paper format:

    The paper is to be printed on A4-size paper with 2-cm margins at the top and bottom sides and 2.5-cm margin at the left and right sides. The text is to be single-spaced, single-columned and clearly typed in Times New Roman. The minimum length of the paper is 5000 words including pictures, tables, and references. Please also make sure that the header, footer, and page number on each page are eliminated. For the rest of the format requirements, please refer to the APA (American Psychological Association) Publication Manual, 5th Edition.

    Please email your paper (as a Microsoft Word or an Adobe PDF file attachment) and presentation files by March

X.           Funding:

A.      During the conference, all activity fees, as well as accommodation and rewards for paper presenters and scholars, are covered by National Science Council.

B.      Representatives from High Scope participating schools whose Program was previously due shall be reimbursed of their transport and accommodation costs by the High Scope Office on presenting related invoices to personnel of the Office by the end of the conference.

C.      Transport and accommodation costs of representatives from High Scope participating schools that are currently active in the Program shall be covered by the High Scope funds of respective schools.

D.     Other participants shall take care of their own transport and accommodation costs.

XI.        Contact:

Address: 114, Neihu, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC 100, Sec Huanshan
Tel :+886-2 -26570435-800
Fax :+886-2 -26272025
Contact Email:
Contact: Director Chang Yao-Ching, Chen Jun-qiang teacher